"Within each of us lies a superhero—waiting for the moment when their date with destiny arrives on their doorstep."

Aaron Parnell
ACST, Posture Optimization Specialist

Institute of America



Aaron believes that there is a solution for every problem, and that is especially true when it comes to the human body. As a world class Anatomist and Massage Therapist, Aaron developed the Reposturing method to fill the void left by many other forms of medical treatment.

Nothing is more frustrating than wasting your time, money and energy seeking pain treatment with the best back pain specialist, chiropractor or doctor only to be frustrated and disappointed in the lack of relief, or the failure to solve the real underlying problem.

Consumers are clear that the healthcare system the way we know it cannot prevent people from getting ill nor can it keep you healthy. What’s needed are professionals who understand how to help clients achieve their health and wellness asperations along with their quality of life. The Reposturing Institute of America is dedicated to supporting and enabling forward thinking health and wellness providers with the skill, tools and resources to serve the new health economy


“New Health Category- Posture Optimization”

Reposturing is Born In 1994, Aaron held the very first Reposturing Training. Since that first class, Parnell has developed a comprehensive body of work called Reposturing® that can benefit every branch of physical medicine, sports, beauty, anti-aging, and ergonomics.  He has trained over 1,000 health professionals in Reposturing therapeutic techniques in courses which currently hold several nationally recognized accreditations.
For athletes as well as non-athletes, Aaron noticed that by making great posture a natural part of peoples’ lives, his clients have found the one thing that enables them to synchronize mind, body, and spirit in a way that amplifies their quality of life. His reputation grew, and colleagues wanted to learn his techniques.
The category of Posture Optimization The missing element for the field of posture was a definition and perspective that embraces this fact:  Every sport, lifestyle and occupation places certain specific demands on the individual in order to maximize effectiveness in the activity.  Parnell expanded and redefined optimized posture as, “the ideal arrangement of the bones to do the work of weight-bearing and force-transfer, while enabling the muscles to do the work of movement…Posture also means the effective way that one can transmit force, energy and intention with their body.
The future of Reposturing and Posture Optimization   In physical medicine, Reposturing is the one body of work with the most comprehensive and cohesive set of solutions for many common musculoskeletal problems and aspirations.  With the right thought-leadership and community support, the category of Posture Optimization will evolve into a global multi-billion dollar industry by 2050.

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