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Become certified as a Posture Optimization Specialist, or Therapist, and unlock your Clients’ full potential.




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Posture Optimized Fitness Specialist

Drive more value to your services by becoming a posture optimization specialist. Learn cutting edge workout routines to help maximize your clients performance and stamina, onsite pain relief techniques to keep your clients on track and reverse workouts to keep clients muscles in balance.

Posture Optimization Massage Specialist

Are you a massage therapist, athletic trainer, personal trainer or a professional who wants to drive more value to your massages? In this course you will learn Posture Optimized techniques in Sports massage, Chair massage, and relaxing yet effective massage. Unlock your clients pain so they can live at their full potential.

Posture Optimization Master Specialist

Professionals of their fields will receive the full spectrum of Posture Optimization and Reposturing techniques. Learn how to maximize results and drive your clients to their best life. Take your career to the next level and position yourself as the “go-to” expert in your field.

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