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Principles of

Release Facia and muscle tension imbalances to make Great Posture easy and effortless.

Realign the bones to do the work of weight-bearing and force transfer.

Reinforce effortless alignment and movement through posture optimized exercise and stretches.

Every Sport, Lifestyle and Occupation places demands on the body that can lead to structural imbalances and pain. Posture Optimization is the ideal arrangement of bones to do the work of weight baring and force transfer, while enabling the the muscles and facia to do the work of movement. Posture Optimization is the most effective way that one can use their bodies.


Become certified as a Posture Optimization Specialist, or Therapist, and unlock your Clients’ full potential.

Posture Optimized Fitness Specialist

Drive more value to your services by becoming a posture optimization specialist. Learn cutting edge workout routines to help maximize your clients performance and stamina, onsite pain relief techniques to keep your clients on track and reverse workouts to keep clients muscles in balance.

Posture Optimization Massage Specialist

Are you a massage therapist, athletic trainer, personal trainer or a professional who wants to drive more value to your massages? In this course you will learn Posture Optimized techniques in Sports massage, Chair massage, and relaxing yet effective massage. Unlock your clients pain so they can live at their full potential.

Posture Optimization Master Specialist

Professionals of their fields will receive the full spectrum of Posture Optimization and Reposturing techniques. Learn how to maximize results and drive your clients to their best life. Take your career to the next level and position yourself as the “go-to” expert in your field.

“New Health Category- Posture Optimization”

Reposturing is Born In 1994, Aaron held the very first Reposturing Training. Since that first class, Parnell has developed a comprehensive body of work called Reposturing®
that can benefit every branch of physical medicine, sports, beauty, anti-aging, and ergonomics.  He has trained over 1,000 health professionals in Reposturing therapeutic techniques in courses which currently hold several nationally recognized accreditations.
For athletes as well as non-athletes, Aaron noticed that by making great posture a natural part of peoples’ lives, his clients have found the one thing that enables them to synchronize mind, body, and spirit in a way that amplifies their quality of life. His reputation grew, and colleagues wanted to learn his techniques.
The category of Posture Optimization The missing element for the field of posture was a definition and perspective that embraces this fact:  Every sport, lifestyle and occupation places certain specific demands on the individual in order to maximize effectiveness in the activity.  Parnell expanded and redefined optimized posture as, “the ideal arrangement of the bones to do the work of weight-bearing and force-transfer, while enabling the muscles to do the work of movement…Posture also means the effective way that one can transmit force, energy and intention with their body.
The future of Reposturing and Posture Optimization   In physical medicine, Reposturing is the one body of work with the most comprehensive and cohesive set of solutions for many common musculoskeletal problems and aspirations.  With the right thought-leadership and community support, the category of Posture Optimization will evolve into a global multi-billion dollar industry by 2050.

“With Reposturing techniques you can help clients discover what its like to ACTUALLY feel great all of the time.”

What Others
Have To Say

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from the hundreds of people we’ve helped live a happier life!

“What an amazing class! I’ve been doing body work for the past few years, now I have a new set of skills can offer my clients to help Reposture their body, restoring flexibility and vitality to their life.”
Ryan- Physical Therapist
“I’ve been a massage therapist for 5 years now. I just finished Lower back and Hips course.. Instant Results!! Thats my #1 take away”
Matt- Massage Therapist

“I’ve been working with Aaron for well over a year, and he has helped me to significantly correct my posture and walking. My walking speed has improved over 30%, my toes are straight and I dropped seven pounds since improving my posture.”

-Rebecca Linquist

“I have struggled with horrible posture since childhood. After two session of reposturing, I feel more balanced, breathing much better and my snoring issues are improved. It is well worth it for everyone at any age.

-Maureen Wright

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