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Posture Optimized Massage Therapy

Become certified as a Posture Optimization Specialist, or Therapist, and unlock your Clients’ full potential.

Reposturing Training for

Posture Optimized Massage Therapy

Reposturing Training for

Posturing Massage

Reposturing massage is developed to enable the Reposturing Practitioner and massage therapist to give a relaxing therapeutic treatment that contributes to postural balance and does more to gently balance stress patterns and disperse tension.
Reposturing massage goes the extra mile to include toes, ears, chest, and hands in addition to the larger muscle groups.  The work integrates the fundamentals of Reposturing bodywork with more familiar and relaxing massage techniques.

In this training you will:

Reposturing Training for

Posture Optimized Post-Event Sportsmassage

When athletes finish an event, they look for competent massage professionals who can serve them FAST, so they can get going with the rest of their day.
Do you have what it takes to help a competitive athlete without getting in their way?
In this hands-on certification training, you will learn how to:
Who needs this seminar:

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