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Posture Optimization Master Specialist

Become certified as a Posture Optimization Specialist, or Therapist, and unlock your Clients’ full potential.

Reposturing Training:

Posture Optimization for the Low Back, Hips, and Pelvis

Nowhere is balance and flexibility more important for vitality and well-being than it is in the hips and pelvis.  Unconventional and unprecedented, the Reposturing® for the Low Back, Hips, and Pelvis specifically isolates, then liberates, the six muscle groups that control the movement and balancing power of the pelvis.

In this training you will:

Over 89 million Americans suffer with low back pain.  Low back pain robs you of physical freedom, and enjoyment of life.

Reposturing practitioners deliver long lasting relief for clients suffering with low back pain, hip pain, and even knee pain.

If you are a massage therapist, athletic or personal trainer, physical therapist, nurse or bodyworker; I’m inviting YOU to learn how Reposturing can help your clients get freedom from pain and achieve vitality you can actually see.

Your clients will be thrilled with the results you provide for them with Reposturing.  Most important, you will get the tools you need to prosper and thrive as the healer you always wanted to be.

Reposturing Training:

Posture Optimization for the Legs and Feet

Our clients are on their feet a lot. And when they aren’t, they are sitting or sleeping in a way that may restrict the flow of blood and nutrients to the leg and feet.  Your active clients want to get the most out of their bodies, and your sedentary clients still want that edge.  How can you help?

You can help your clients restore movement and aliveness to their lower limbs.  Developed by Olympic Sportsmasseur, Aaron Parnell, Reposturing Dynamics™ is body therapy designed to bring balance to the tension that holds the body together, using a unique series of stretches, the power of the breath and various massage techniques.

In this training you will:

Reposturing Training: Posture Optimization for the Chest, Neck, and Shoulders

Whether it’s chronic shoulder impingement, thoracic outlet syndrome, or a bust line that’s “gone South for the Winter,” this massage workout routine will be your Reposturing Dynamics “bread and butter” as it is the keystone from which all other upper body Reposturing Dynamics workouts got their start.

In this training you will:

Reposturing Training:

Posture Optimization for the Facial Reposturing Training

Tension patterns, poor posture and anxiety are the cause of wrinkles, deep facial lines and jaw stress.  Additionally, it may be the source of hand and wrist problems such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis.  Reposturing™ refreshes and restores the functional and aesthetic flexibility to muscles that have been ravaged and depressed by time, stress and gravity.  Using these techniques with your clients will produce positive and long-lasting results

In this training you will:

Your clients and patients will enjoy:

A Hands-On Anatomy Lab for Posture Optimization Specialists

About the trip and “guided tour” in the anatomy lab: You will be joining the current graduating class of Certified Reposturing Dynamics Practitioners. Students will have an opportunity to (with rubber gloves) feel and explore the actual bodies of several human specimen.

In this workshop, you will:

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