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Release Facia and muscle tension imbalances to make Great Posture easy and effortless.

Realign the bones to do the work of weight-bearing and force transfer.

Reinforce effortless alignment and movement through posture optimized exercise and stretches.

Every Sport, Lifestyle and Occupation places demands on the body that can lead to structural imbalances and pain. Posture Optimization is the ideal arrangement of bones to do the work of weight baring and force transfer, while enabling the the muscles and facia to do the work of movement. Posture Optimization is the most effective way that one can use their bodies.

“Reposturing restores the freedom to your structural body, so your spirit can be free and you are fit, flexible and feel fabulous!”

*Aaron Parnell is the Founder of Reposturing, a body movement Technology and therapy that provides the most cutting-edge pain elimination methods available today.

My passion is educating my clients to care about their health while they still have it and in working with others to restore their health and alleviate their pain. In reality, it takes the same amount of time and energy to regain your health and create a new, better quality of life as it does after you’ve been diagnosed with Cancer or other illnesses in a battle for your life. I encourage my clients to fight for their health now, today, instead of waiting until illness presents itself and you’re in real trouble.

Very few people understand how something seemingly so innocuous as good posture can be THE most vital key and main solution to a life-changing moment when you discover after only one session, how bold you can really feel. Not only will your life change for the better immediately, it will build that foundation for the rest of your life and that means everything to me.


My personal commitment is to support people in creating complete vitality. In my earlier years, there were literally no old men in my family. People in my family suffered with numerous diseases, including heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, cancer and other problems. My journey of education in becoming a health and wellness provider began in my twenties. Even though my college majors were health related, it was not until then that I made a serious commitment to follow through with a plan and take decisive action.

My mind was like a sponge and I strived to learn everything possible about achieving better health.

I want to feel and be healthy no matter how long I live. With what I know, I’m sure that living to the age of 100 is not out of the question. Yet, I certainly have no intention of looking or feeling like the average person at that advanced age and my clients can receive that same gift.

Additionally, my parents divorced and my mother moved to California where I spent my formative years without a father. Having no father figure or any other strong elder male figure in my life, I truly felt unsure of what I needed to learn and understand while I was growing up. Watching other boys on television sitting with their grandfather while listening to sage advice and learning how to protect their legacy left me with a sad heart. No patriarchy was passed on in my family unit. When my mother’s father passed on at age 42 in a diabetic coma this created a generational wound of longing and absence for me. I sometimes felt angry at all of them for not keeping themselves healthy.

That being said, because of my experiences and losses, I teach my clients/friends how much quality of life they can lose when refusing to maintain good health. It’s a passion and crusade for me. I’ve experienced seeing a family elder unable to be self-sufficient without having the ability to walk up stairs or even across the floor without assistance. I certainly do not want to be like that and I’m sure you feel the same. Life is only worth living if it’s on your terms with energy, vitality and an absence of pain.

I am committed to living a long life with quality and freedom. My core belief is that you must take responsibility and remain in charge of your health. Life insurance won’t keep us alive and our health insurance will not keep us healthy. All it takes is self-determination and knowing how to retain your

This first-hand knowledge inspired Parnell to commit his career to helping everyone experience mind & body harmony, regardless of their circumstances. His ingenuity and insight led him to develop innovative concepts such as Reposturing™ , ParaDyme Shift  , Life Purpose/Life Work, and more, to help people achieve world-class vitality and quality lives. To tie it all together he has created a seminar, workshop series called Awaken the Hero Within.

Using Reposturing, with a success-rate of nearly 100%, Parnell helps individual clients at his center in San Mateo, CA improve their posture, flexibility, sports performance and eliminate chronic pain forever. His nationally accredited training helps the practice of every branch of physical medicine. His contribution does not stop there as a vitality coach and fitness counselor, he assists clients in making lifestyle and work style choices that lead to vitality, health freedom and longevity. A naturally gifted expert in ergonomics and body mechanics, Parnell helps companies save money and maximize functional efficiency and workplace productivity. In lectures, seminars and workshops “The Posture Genius” educates and inspires health professionals who want to help patients and clients reverse the ageing process, optimize sports-performance and gain freedom from pain.

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